Apr. 30th, 2017 09:37 am
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Just took a photo of our lovely may pole in the backyard, its sparkly and tall, all the way up into the sea grape. I loved doing the "old-school" Beltane last night, all the classics including the may pole, jumping a bonfire, clooties, circle at twilight, etc. So surprising there were people who had never done a may pole! That is somewhat embarrassing, since Beachfyre does Beltane every damn year, and these are not new members! I guess we all needed time off from the gender polarity aspect...Thanks to Orion and his emphasis on magnetic and electric, I phrased the may pole (and the whole Beltane seasonal energy) in those terms. No deities called last night, just wasnt feeling it, and we almost didnt call the quarters either. But then [personal profile] coraltran was here, and everyone in the coven loves the way he calls Center, so there we were.

So special to have [personal profile] coraltran and [personal profile] pandie in our Beltane circle!! I am really so blessed with Beachfyre. Except I may have to scold the coveners a bit--they left without the kitchen being cleaned up...After spending the entire day yesterday in prep, literally from waking up until after people is not sustainable for me to then have another hour of cleaning after people leave at 11:30pm. Not when we host almost every ritual. But they helped some, and we had lots of fun, and I'm fine now...I just know I will resent that if it happens too often.

This morning I woke up after dreaming of a baby boy, I was changing his diaper this time...and this is the third morning in a row I have woken up dreaming of a baby boy. The first time he had one brown eye and one blue eye! The second night he was hungry and neglected. :( Cristina and family are starting up Baby Project, the Sequel, in May at some point, and it cant come soon enough cause there are spirits flying around looking for a place to land.

Today is a quiet day, thank the gods. The house is mostly clean and the backyard is still buzzing...I have some grading to do but not much else. Need to take the dog for a long walk, she hasnt had much attention of that kind lately...and check in with S who is driving all the way over here to fix something thats gone wrong at his condo, poor buddy. But after the bustle of yesterday, I'm looking forward to some time with my plants and not much else today. Happy start of summer, everyone!
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