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Thanks to restrictive Saturn turning forward in Sagittarius last Friday, life will slowly begin to move ahead more easily and some persistent roadblocks will melt away. That said, Mercury is still retrograde until September 5th,making it important for you to double check all contracts, agreements and plans before giving the go ahead. Keep telling yourself not to make any important decisions until the dust from the eclipse has settled and that could be around the Equinox on September 21st. Now is the time to gather a supportive team together ahead of fast moving events in early October when you will be the lynchpin around which everything revolves.

Coaching tip: Preparation is everything.
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New Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, October 26, 12:56 pm PDT, 3:56 pm EDT
The New Moon in passionate Scorpio arouses deep emotions. We may become hungry with desire, riddled with doubt or embittered with discontent that could seem like more than we can handle. Trying to bury these feelings is tempting, yet they provide the fuel required to make positive changes. Eliminating unhealthy beliefs, behavior and individuals that stand in the way of fulfillment is sometimes a painful task. However, the secret of tapping into Scorpio’s deep well of resources is to understand that we sometimes have to let go to in order to grow.
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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer
Friday, July 1, 1:54 am PDT, 4:54 am EDT

This New Moon in protective Cancer is a very powerful Solar Eclipse. Instead of planting seeds of security in our gardens of desire, we are challenged to break up the old soil of expectations about what will make us safe and happy. Cancer wants closeness and continuity but eclipses break patterns, especially when forming stressful 90-degree squares with volatile Uranus. Yet while Uranus sparks surprises, constraining Saturn and transformational Pluto also form tense aspects to the New Moon. Pressure is building that can affect major institutions, individuals and the environment and is best met with innovation, passion and commitment. Being a well-prepared and patient agent of change will radically improve lives while desperately holding onto the past can be futile and frustrating.



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