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So much to be thankful for.

Driving to school in the morning with Cyrus and his Monday gratitudes
New music downloaded over the weekend
An amazing birthday celebration weekend
Seership energy flowing for main ritual this weekend
The last week of classes at school
My birthday cucumber which will turn into pickles today
A very quiet office
Slow but discernible progress on the book edits
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--this beautiful campus
--peaceful sweet weekend at home
--great time with [ profile] greenwapiti this weekend, we are in a good place (I think at least!)
--Cyrus gave me the pen holder he made in shop for my office ;)
--the Broken Bells album I cant stop listening to
--coven sisters who call to share how things are going
--my friends had fun in New Orleans with Orion
--trip to Montreal later this week
--my friend C is more around and he's a good person
--sweet birthday plans coming together, its going to be better than last year!
--al-anon which reminds me to do gratitudes as a way to make room for G*D
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Must turn the energy around. Today I am thankful for:

-sweet photo of my baby niece and brother in law in my email this am, in her Easter dress!
-safe return of my kids from spring break adventures
-beautiful glass and crystal from Morgan's travels, he has Cancerian taste!
-mangoes growing on the trees
-looks like our first citrus too
-spindle whorl article sooo close to done
-Bowflex workouts started
-a sweetie who is compassionate with me even when we have to talk about hard stuff late at night
-favorite Chinese take out moved miles closer to our pad
-my unproblematic relationship (for the moment) with my kids, I wish I had 100 more (wait thats not a gratitude, whatever)


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