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After first wake up and before getting out of bed I had a very vivid dream that I was co-adopting twin infants with two other women. I knew the women but they aren't people I know/recognize in this life, both were darker skinned. Both had some connection to Belize and the name Belmopan came up (that's the capital of Belize). One of the babies (9 months old or so) noticed someone doing martial arts and I told her that her father was a martial artist and in the dream I knew I meant her biological father and that Mic would also be their father. This baby and I could communicate and I was just showing the other moms how advanced this baby was when I woke up. I was overjoyed in the dream--to be adopting baby girls and to be adopting with these women.

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On Tuesday in ft lauderdale airport a black man with pointy shoes. Today here in MIA on way to LA, two iyawo. An older woman with brown skirt and a young brown guy in all white but with a sly brown hat. And a black back pack.. .will I need white luggage?

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Jul. 2nd, 2009 09:25 pm
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Jun. 1st, 2009 03:50 pm
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Hello it's Monday and I remembered to give Papa Ellegua fresh coffee!

And posting from my new iphone!

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On Saturday, walking out of my Publix there was a guy my age walking in wearing elekes...
I may have mentioned this before, but the cute kid at our pizza place is always wearing his.
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I'm going to start keeping track of the recent initiates in Santeria/Lukumi that I see out and about here in Miami...just to satisfy my inner social scientist. Yesterday i saw a 30 something iyawo at the Starbucks in Hialeah, working the whites down to a white baseball hat and white nikes. He seemed to have a hard time finding a comfy spot.
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May the Mother of Fishes bless us all! Happy feast day y'all!

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Ogun Kills on the Right

Ogun kills on the right and destroys on the right.
Ogun kills on the left and destroys on the left.
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Orisha dance workshop in Miami

If I could only find someone else who wanted to go...
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Yemonja:Tranquil Sea, Turbulent Tides by Lloyd Weaver and Olukunmi Egbelade, Athelia Press 1999. Recommended to me my my padrino, this book contains the 11 main apataki (tales) related to Yemaya, from an African perspective. Full of typos and poor English, it is still a very rich reference source, and one I'm sure I wil re-read. There are good explanations of how certain ritual foods and tools figure into her tales. I learned a lot from this book.

Finding Soul on the Path of Orisha by Tobe Melora Correal, The Crossing Press 2003. Written by a Bay Area priestess, this is one woman's take on the major aspects of the religion. The best parts are the chapter on working with the egun--very complete, lots of good ritual ideas--and the personal accounts of the author's challenges along the path. Great intro book. My only complaint is the author insists the orisha are not gods and that the Orisha path is monotheistic--a perspective many others share but not me. I will add this book to my library.
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Nice basic website on working with the egun from the lukumi/miami perspective...including the two different types of altars. I thought some of you might find this interesting.
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La Letra del Ano as published in the Miami Herald--not the whole thing but some high points. I love living in Miami! The year is ruled by Obatala and Yemaya (in the Miami reading).

Invitación (from the actual letra text, for my ref)

Se invita a todos los Sacerdotes de Ifa, Oriates, Babaloshas, Iyaloshas, Iworos e pueblo religioso en general para que asistan vestidos de blanco o lo mas claro posible el Domingo 20 de Enero a las 2:00 p.m. al Tambor de Fundamento dedicado a los Orishas Regentes Obatalá y Yemayá en el Mesón Yoruba cita en el 12605 SW 43 Street, Miami, Florida para rogar por la paz, salud y estabilidad de todos los humanos.


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