Jul. 13th, 2012

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Another drive by...got back from Yaxuna on Wed afternoon and Mic kindly picked me up. Morgan was out, but the rest of us spent some time clothes shopping as Cyrus had only two pairs of pants and Vienna will be chilly. Florida boy!!

Burgers that night were tasty but may have contributed to my post Mexico stomach troubles...seems to be impossible to prevent. Mic even had distilled water for me, still took the hit!

This had meetings with the Dean and the Provost--playing with the big boys. Luckily I had a nice bottle of tequila for the Dean and he only wanted to give me hints for the Provost meeting. Was nice to hear about his trip to Greece, even if it was depressing to see so much of his family out of work.

Meeting with the Provost also went well, seems I may be brokering a transfer of Little Salt Springs to Sarasota County from UM. This has been the back up plan for a year, but now it's happening. Kind of huge but I trust the County to be good stewards, prob better than UM...and pivoting on my stone means helping protect ancient sites in whatever way I can.

On the long taxi to take off now for the ICA meetings in Vienna. Cy and Morgan are seated behind me which makes me sooooo happy. We have 4 days in Vienna and then 4 in Prague, lots of good ancestral energy all around. Have a tshirt of my dads, my baby Ellegua, and a pretty open schedule.

Still feeling very centered and renewed from Yucatan.

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