Nov. 9th, 2013

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Just a couple of things I don't want to forget...the drive up on Wed afternoon was hilarious, Ody and Robert made it a lot of fun plus I napped and read lovely supportive texts from my friends re the craziness of TZ.

Of course arriving at camp and hanging out was glorious as always... We arrived at sunset and saw the lake... That night I dreamt of teaching people and telling them about a dream I had (the dream within a dream thing). Plus all the folks were black people, which usually means the Orisha are at work in my brain.

I woke up Thur with a strong feeling Oshun was watching over me. I got the big beeswax candle out that I brought for Oshun and lit it. I brought it since She came through very strongly twice this week when I was having sex with Mic. Then I remembered that I had a super fun lunch with Dr. C and a new black faculty member on the first day TZ cancelled our date (kind of the beginning of the end). And then I saw Rayne again at the beach (first time in many months). Any way, I think Oshun was all around this week pulling me away from a bad situation and offering sweet distractions.

And then She gave me a present here at FPG but that's another post!


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