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Date: 2013-08-18 03:41 pm (UTC)
Re Cd....yeah I think he is another one of those Salem types who hype themselves up in this small market and end up wielding a lot of influence there but not so much elsewhere (ie Laurie Cabot, etc). He does have a book out that looks interesting, I almost bought it while I was there--The Witches Book of the Dead, all about ancestor magick.

Oh it was a very specific apology. She stopped me the second day and asked if we could be friends (I had been avoiding her and enjoying watching her squirm). I said, well maybe some day but I wasnt sure. She said, I know we have disagreed about things in the past, but I hope we can work together...I said, Kathryn, its not the disagreement about this or that. You and I have worked together well even when we disagreed about something. My problem with you is what you entered into the record of GC in Massachusetts, and that even though you and I had worked together for YEARS you did not give me or Canu the courtesy of a heads up about that. I feel this is a huge lack of common courtesy. She tried to say she didnt know what was on the dvd, that she was poorly advised, etc...and I wasnt hearing it. She gave up and apologized for the whole thing and said she wished she could take it back. I accepted her apology and said I wanted to focus on the future, but in my heart I will never forget or trust her again. But I can work with her and be professional.
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