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Okay a lot of house cleaning and a nice dinner has greatly improved my mood. Plus some Top Chef with Morgan.

Venus: The Evolution of the Goddess and her Planet by Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Aquarian Press 1994. I bought this hoping it was a good book on astrological Venus, as the whole last third half of the book is about Venus through the signs and houses, etc. And that part was pretty good, but the first two thirds of the book is the "mythology" of Venus--which I knew would be wonky, but I just have to complain anyway. I'm sorry, the Roman goddess Venus did not originate in the Paleolithic just because some Victorian idiots called female figurines "Venus figurines!" She goes on from there, dipping into world mythology of the Middle East and Europe with very little regard for the quality of the sources, etc...Basically every dot she wants to connect gets connected.

Worshiping Aphrodite: Art and Cult in Classical Athens by Rachel Rosenzweig, University of Michigan Press 2004. This book is why I love academia! Written by an art historian, it reviews artistic and archaeological data from a number of cult sites in and around Athens in order to try and synthesize what is known about Aphrodite's worship there. Because Aph was not one of the major deities of Athens, this has never been done before! I was blown away by some of the passages because they rang so true to my own very personal and non intellectual experiences of Aph: "Aphrodite's cultic concerns were the fertility of people and vegetation, the harmonious coexistence of people in their private relationships, and public and civic harmony" (pg 6) "the people of Athens asked her to assist them in their daily lives...they sought good health, general well-being, and a harmonious coexistence with neighbors, co-workers, wives, and lovers" (pg 12) "Her wrath is directed toward anyone who violates the natural order of human relationships between people, as well as those who do not afford her proper honors, regardless of their lineage or despite any favor she may have previously shown them" (pg 89). That last part sounds like Oshun! I will add this book to my personal library.
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Ireland: A Short History by Joseph Coohill. This is a very boring book, dont read it.
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Life of Pi by Yann Martel, 2001. My mother in law left this here and recommended it has languished for a couple of years and then the other day padrino said it was one of his favorite books. So given I was traveling to England, I thought a book about an Indian boy would work...there is powerful spirituality to this book, not only for the interfaith message it carries (the main character, a 16 year old boy is a Hindu, Christian and Muslim) but because of all the animal communication that happens. And it has a great twist at the end, always my fav. Hard to describe this novel, but highly recommended.


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