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This is an actual story, rather than obit...Substitute "pussies" for "wusses" to get the real Bob. The obits even got picked up by
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Wow, what an intense 24 hours. We thought my dad was going to pass but he has continued to hang on, although he is less and less present with us. Some of us stayed up until 2am for that dose, others got up at 6am for that does...I got a bit of sleep in between. The best part is hanging out with my brother who is totally stepping up like a mutherfucker...and sitting around telling stories with my Aunt, Cathy, etc... about my dad. I know I dont talk about my brother much, but this is probably the most time we have spent together in a very long time...and its so very good to be on the same page.

Right now my dad is sleeping, he's pretty much non responsive at this point, and the living room is filled with my brother, my aunt, Cathy, Mic, my dad's very close drinking buddies and colleagues at the paper Stan and Jack, and my Uncle Bill and his wife. I remembered last night that my dad was born at home (I learned that while prepping for Morgan's home birth...both Morgan's grandpas were born at home) and it looks like he will die at home. There are parts of this that are excruciatingly difficult resting in bed with him listening to his labored breathing...but everyone says it will all be worth it later, and I'm sure thats true. He is certainly worth it.


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