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2008-07-25 09:01 am
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where's george is back!

I got a marked bill last week in change (from MN) and it was so exciting! I tried to save it for Morgan to enter, but I couldnt resist going online to check our stats, and then of course I wanted to enter it. Its been a long time since I checked our bills, and we got a lot of hits off the bills we took to the Merry Meet in Massachusetts last year. I still have 27 states to go to get a 50 state bingo, most of them out west. But I picked up at least three new states, Ohio, Vermont and New Hampshire from MM. Plan to mark some bills for [ profile] greenwapiti to take to MM in California (I have northern California hits but not socal) and some to spend at the birthday gathering in SC. Whats cool is I have 2 bills with three of those is the bill you entered [ profile] chrystella!